Charlie Gard: Parents await European Court of Human Rights ruling

From BBC - June 13, 2017

A final ruling will be made on the fate of a terminally ill baby boy whose parents want to take him to the US for treatment.

Ten-month old Charlie Gard has a rare genetic condition and brain damage.

Doctors said he would not benefit from the US trial and want to stop his life support treatment.

His parents began the European Court of Human Rights challenge after losing a Supreme Court appeal, exhausting all UK legal options.

European Court judges in Strasbourg are due to make a final decision later.

The court has told doctors at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital to continue providing life-support treatment to Charlie until midnight on Tuesday, to give them time to examine papers filed by his parents' lawyers.

Charlie has been in intensive care since October last year. He has mitochondrial depletion syndrome, a rare disorder that affects the genetic building blocks that give energy to cells.

His doctors said that Charlie can not could see, hear, move, cry or swallow.


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