Don't want to be buried or cremated? 5 funeral and burial alternatives

Don't want to be buried or cremated? 5 funeral and burial alternatives
From Global News - July 15, 2017

As life moves so quickly, people are often thinking about new ways of living, if it be new adventures or experiences. But what most people dont think about is new ways of being buried.

As dark as that sounds, funerals and cemeteries are the norm in Canada but companies across the globe are pushing the envelope in trying to take the green burial movement a step further.

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Take theCimetire Catholique Granby, located in Granby, Que., for example. It is the first cemetery in Canada to start a garden exclusively dedicated to biodegradable urns, where peoples ashes help grow a tree.

Its called the Bois de Vie, which translates tothe tree of life garden. Essentially, instead of burying you in a casket, they bury your ashes in an urn made of natural products. From there, they include seeds of your choice from 20 different tree varieties compatible with the Canadian environment.

What kind of tree you want your remains to nourishbirch, maple or eucalyptusis up to you. The director of the cemetery says it turns the burial process completely green.

A bio urn is made up of coconuts and nutrients which makes the soil fertile. The urn breaks down in just one month. Roots can feed on these nutrients and ash, and provide an environment conducive to the growth of the tree, says Elyse Champagne, director ofCimetires Catholiques de Granby.

Environmental point of view, this process is wonderful. A conventional urn and a coffin may take several years to deteriorate. A coffin can take up to 25 years. So we made a big ecological step.

Heres a deeper look at alternative burial methods that may change the way you think of life after death.

Biodegradable urns

One company called Bios Urns, which started in Spain, is behind the urns the Quebec cemetery is using. Their urnsmade of 100 per cent natural productsare now available around the world due.

But besides their traditional urns, which they unveiled in a few years back, they have found that customers can have had a hard time finding the land necessary to plant their products.

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A lot of people said they live in temporary locationsso its hard to find a place to plant. Or they have land but they are not allowed to plant their urns in cemeteries because they are strict,Isabelle Bolla with Bios Urn told Global News.

Recently, they launched Bios Incube, a system that lets youplantBios Urn indoors, and combines the insights of tree growth with data from its environment. Depending on the type of tree, the Bios Incube will water it accordingly.

Green burial pods

Capsula Mundi, an Italian companys alternative to coffins, will see you buried in a pod, in the fetal position, with your remains feeding a tree.

It follows the same idea as the urns, turning a graveyard of tombstones into a memorial park full of trees. But instead of using ashes, it uses the decomposing body to nourish the tree.

Our main goal concerning Capsula Mundi has been to sensitize people about the unbearable way the modern culture currently deals with death, project founders Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel said.

How it works is that a body is placed in the fetal position and enclosed in a biodegradable burial capsule. Then it is planted in soil with a tree.

Dissolving the body/resomation

Burlap sack/shroud burial

Eternal reefs


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