Summer colds aren't worse than winter ones. Here's why they feel like it

Summer colds aren't worse than winter ones. Here's why they feel like it
From Global News - August 2, 2017

The sun is shining, the birds are chirpingand youre stuck inside sneezing and coughing. Its the middle of summer and youve been hit with a cold.

But what exactly is the dreaded summer cold and is it worse than a winter sickness?

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You cant let your guard down in the summer as infections are still around, Dr. Doug Sider, medical director of communicable disease prevention and control at Public Health Ontario said. Respiratory sicknesses happen all year long.

There are a dozen types of virus out there, and only a couple pop up in the summer, he said. The two main viruses are the enterovirus infection andparainfluenza (which is more common in children).

The main winter virus is usually linked to influenza A (H1N1) and influenza B, which happens from October-May.

Is it worse than a winter cold?

In general the virus in summer are not as associated with the severity of the influenza virus, Sider said.

Thats not to say the enterovirus infection isnt dangerous, he added. Children and seniors are still at work and there can be severe health consequences.

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Some health officials believe the summer cold isnt worseit has to do more with more psychological reasons.

Arecent study published in the journalHealth Psychologyfound that feeling lonely can make a persons cold symptoms feel worse.

Theres a lot of work showing that when people are lonely and experiencing any physical stressorwhether its pain or illnessthey perceive that stress as being of higher intensity,Chris Fagundes, the studys co-author told Time Magazine.

Our finding was that lonelier people feel worse when they are sick than less lonely people.

Could be allergies



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