Low-Calorie Ice Cream, CRISPR and Dog Vaccines: This Week in Health

From TIME - August 3, 2017

For the first time in the U.S., scientists have used the gene editing technology CRISPR to edit out genetic disease in human embryos. In another firstthis from the world of nutritionthe low-calorie ice cream brand Halo Top became the best-selling ice cream pint in America. Here's what else caught our attention this week. (Sign up for the TIME Health newsletter for more.)

Is Halo Top ice cream healthy?

Low-calorie, high-protein Halo Top ice cream recently became the bestselling pint in the U.S. Though the ice cream has fewer calories, less sugar and more protein and fiber than traditional brands, health experts say people should not convince themselves it's a healthy food.

Yes, you should vaccinate your dog

Anti-vaccine hoopla has people wondering: can dogs get autism? Here's what the science says.

U.S. scientists use CRISPR to fix genetic disease in human embryos

Chinese scientists were the first to use CRISPR, a powerful gene editing tool, to fix genetic defects in human embryos. But the first U.S. scientists to achieve the same feat say their method is more reliable.

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