NHS launches £100m drive to recruit foreign GPs

From BBC - August 31, 2017

The NHS in England is embarking on a 100m international recruitment drive to boost the number of GPs.

Contracts have been offered to agencies to help NHS England achieve its goal of recruiting 5,000 extra doctors by 2020.

It means over half the increase could now come from abroad as the NHS is struggling to train and retain its own. Support staff including nurses and therapists will also be targeted.

NHS bosses said the campaign would improve care for patients.

Extra investment

GP services are receiving an extra 2.4bn by 2020 - a rise of 14% once inflation is taken into account.

The investment forms part of a Conservative election promise in 2015 and comes amid mounting concern about the pressure services were under.

NHS bosses are in the process of increasing the number of training places for GPs - but last year 7% of spots went unfilled.

The contracts being offered could mean up to 3,000 GPs being recruited from abroad.


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