Baby heart images could help reduce miscarriage, Leeds research suggests

From BBC - September 28, 2017

Doctors have identified a key stage in the development of a baby's heart which they say could help them reduce the number of miscarriages.

New imaging techniques have shown that the four chambers of the foetal heart develop in just four days.

They hope the findings will mean doctors could intervene when a baby's heart fails to grow properly.

One in 10 miscarriages is believed to be caused by the failure of the heart to form normally, researchers said.

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Dr Eleftheria Pervolaraki, lead researcher at the University of Leeds, said: "We have identified a critical time of development of the human heart in pregnancy.

"We have used a technique developed to give us higher details than ever before.

"When all the fibres, muscles and cells achieve the formation needed to see in an adult heart, when they all do that you have a fully-formed organ free of risk.


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