Edmonton attacks: Woman struck by U-Haul faces long road to recovery

Edmonton attacks: Woman struck by U-Haul faces long road to recovery
From Global News - October 5, 2017

Shes a mother, a daughter and a sister to five siblings. And now, support from family will mean more than ever for Kimberley OHara as she recovers from serious injuries sustained when she was run down by a U-Haul van in downtown Edmonton last weekend.

Its devastating. Shes fighting for her life, plain and simple, OHaras sister, Carrie OHara-Zahorodney, said. Were in shock, were trying to heal. And number one, were here for my sister just trying to heal her. Its all about her right now.

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OHara, 30, suffered critical injuries on Saturday night when she was hit by the moving van near the Matrix Hotel. The U-Haul rampage was part of multiple attacks that injured three other pedestrians and EPS Const. Mike Chernyk.

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OHaras injuries were severe. She suffered a fractured skull and brain bleed, which OHara-Zahorodney said has since stopped. Shes been in and out of consciousness, also suffering from a severely fractured leg and lacerations to her liver and lung, her sister explained.

Her little body is fighting and its sad to see such a beautiful human beinginside and outher poor, perfect little body broken. Its hard not to be sad.

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OHara-Zahorodney was celebrating a friends birthday downtown on Saturday night and saw the heavy police presence on Jasper Avenue from the apartment building she was in. She wondered what was going on, but didnt think too much of it. That was until she received a phone call from her dad on Sunday, telling her her sister was injured in the attacks.

I just started screaming, she said. When I got that phone call, I dont know. Sunday was a blur.

OHara-Zahorodney rushed to the hospital to be by her sisters side.

She was literally fighting for her life. If it wasnt for the doctors, the paramedics, the fast action of the police, my sister would be dead, OHara-Zahorodney said.

We were shocked and stunned to see the condition of her and thats why Im so happy to share with everybody that Kimberley is improving and shes going to be OK.

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