Thanksgiving dinner: 9 tips for healthy holiday eating

Thanksgiving dinner: 9 tips for healthy holiday eating
From Global News - October 7, 2017

TORONTOSo theres the turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, some cranberry sauce and stuffing and a slice of pumpkin pie. How bad could Thanksgiving dinner be?

According to some estimates, that traditional October meal can set diners back up to 3,000 calorieseasily more than a days total caloric intake in one sitting, says Carrie Regan, a registered nutritionist at Oshawa, Ont.s Lakeridge Health.

As delicious as it is, Thanksgivinglike other holidaysis a stressful time of year when it comes to healthy eating.

A lot of people find this anxiety-inducing because they know they tend to gain weight. Theres social situations, holiday parties and other festivities, Regan said.

Regan and Carol Dombrow, a registered dietician with over 25 years of experience at the Heart and Stroke Foundation, offer these tips to navigate an indulgent long weekend.

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With these tips in mind, Regan says diners could keep their dinner at under 1,000 calories.

This is what your plate should look like:Half of your plate should be filled with vegetables, a portion of turkey should cover about a quarteror about the size of a deck of cardsof the plate, and the last quarter can be used for half of a cup of potatoes and half of a cup of stuffing. To make your plate healthier, reach for the colourful vegetablesbroccoli, red peppers and beets for example.

The most dangerous things on the table are the vegetables cooked in creamy sauces:You know the candied sweet potatoes and the broccoli topped with cheese sauce arent good for you. No, you cant coat your peas and carrots in melted butter either. Reach for steamed vegetables or flavor them with olive oil, lemon and herbs and youll save about 150 calories per serving, Regan estimates.

White meat turkey is your best bet: Stacked next to ham, roast or beef, the traditional turkey dinner is your best bet. Choose white meat over the dark and try to avoid the skin. The white meat over the turkey leg has a third less calories, and half the fat, according to Dombrow.


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