If you have a nut allergy like Caleb does, the secret may be in your genes

If you have a nut allergy like Caleb does, the secret may be in your genes
From Global News - October 11, 2017

At just one and a half years old, Caleb was taken to the hospital with welts up and down his body.

The cause? A small cashew that caused inflammations throughout his body, according to his mom Janey Yu.

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He could hardly breathe when he made it to the emergency room.

There were welts coming up his body, welts in his groin and it seemed to be moving towards the chest area, she told Global News.

But that wasnt the last of his reactions to nuts; hes endured similar ones twice now.

Every time that its happened, I am terrified, Im terrified of losing him, Yu said.

So now, at three and a half years old, Caleb is learning how to use an EpiPen, and is even testing out the instrument on Cooper, his teddy bear.

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The cause of his allergy, which affects about one in 200 children across Canada, has occupied researchers around the world. And an effort led by the Canadian Peanut Allergy Registry may have finally found clues as to the cause of the allergy, if not a cure any time soon.

Researchers have identified a gene called EMSY, and they hope that one day it will help in the identification of people who have the allergy before full-blown symptoms develop.


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