Children 'embarrassed by tipsy parents'

From BBC - October 18, 2017

Moderate drinking by parents can have a negative impact on children, causing anxiety and disrupting bedtime routines, a study says.

The Institute of Alcohol Studies said parents do not have to regularly drink large amounts around children for them to notice changes in adults' behaviour.

Three in 10 parents said they have been drunk in front of their children and five in 10 "tipsy", its survey found.

The institute said it was hoped the study will help inform parents.

"All parents strive to do what's best for their children, so it's important to share this research about the effects drinking can have on parenting, and what steps parents can take to protect their children," the institute's chief executive Karen Brown said.

The report, "Like sugar for adults", uses a survey of almost 1,000 parents and their children, focus groups and experts.

It found that:

In the survey, as a result of their parents drinking, 18% of children said they had felt embarrassed, 11% had felt worried and 15% said their bedtime routine had been disrupted.


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