Southend hospital set to pilot Airbnb-style scheme

From BBC - October 25, 2017

Airbnb-style accommodation may be used to free-up NHS hospital beds as part of a pilot scheme under consideration.

It is hoped the Essex trial will see around 30 patients waiting for discharge from hospital care stay with local residents who have a spare room.

Healthcare start-up firm CareRooms is recruiting "hosts" to take in people recuperating from a hospital stay.

Eligible patients may be recruited from Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

But the hospital has said final approval for the pilot has not yet been given.

CareRooms said it will transform spare rooms and annexes with a private bathroom into "secure care spaces for patients who are waiting to be discharged".

Prospective hosts, who can earn up to 1,000 a month, need to pass security checks before they are approved for the scheme.

They would be required to heat up three microwave meals each day and supply drinks for patients and are offered "host protection" as well as a helpline and training.


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