The Boston-Area Pharmacist Involved in a Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Has Been Cleared of Murder

From TIME - October 26, 2017

(BOSTON)A pharmacist at a facility whose tainted drugs sparked a nationwide meningitis outbreak that killed 76 people was cleared Wednesday of murder but was convicted of mail fraud and racketeering.

Jurors said prosecutors failed to prove Glenn Chin was responsible for the deaths of people who were injected with mold-contaminated drugs produced by the now-closed New England Compounding Center in Framingham, just west of Boston. As the supervisory pharmacist, Chin oversaw the so-called clean rooms where the drugs were made.

Chin's attorney said he saw the verdict as a victory. He said prosecutors overreached by charging Chin with second-degree murder acts under federal racketeering law.

"This was never, ever, everno matter what these prosecutors tell youthis was never a murder case," Chin's attorney Stephen Weymouth said after the verdict was read at Boston's federal courthouse.

Scott Shaw, whose mother, Elwina Shaw, died after she was injected with the contaminated drugs, said he was surprised and disappointed jurors refused to find Chin responsible for the deaths.

"It was his hand, no doubt, that mixed that medicine that killed mom," the North Carolina man said.

Prosecutors said Chin instructed his staff to use expired ingredients, failed to properly sterilize the drugs and ignored findings of mold and other bacteria in the rooms.

Chin's attorneys argued he ca not be blamed for the deaths because there's no evidence he caused the drugs to become contaminated. The attorneys blamed the pharmacy's co-founder Barry Cadden, who they said treated employees poorly and ordered them to cut corners to increase production and profits.

Jurors acquitted Cadden of second-degree murder under the federal racketeering law but found him guilty of fraud and conspiracy. Cadden tearfully apologized to the victims in June before he was sentenced to nine years in prison.


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