Beware potential signs of pancreatic cancer

From BBC - October 31, 2017

One in three adults might ignore potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer, according to a charity.

Stomach ache, indigestion, unexplained weight loss and faeces that float rather than sink in the lavatory can be warning signs of the potentially deadly disease, says Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Early detection and treatment are vital to save lives.

Nikki Davies was diagnosed in March, aged 51. Her tumour was caught early, meaning a surgeon could remove it.

"I have been incredibly lucky that mine could be operated on and had not spread, as far as we can tell.

"My message to others would be that no-one knows your body like you do.

"Know what the symptoms are and talk to your GP if you notice anything that's unusual for you.

"Deep down, I think you know something is wrong.

Know the signs

Common symptoms of pancreatic cancer include:

Other symptoms include:


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