'Radical changes' needed to £1bn stroke care

From BBC - October 29, 2017

Caring for people who have suffered from stroke is costing Wales 1bn annually, according to a leading charity.

The Stroke Association has also warned the figure could almost triple to 2.8bn by 2035 if immediate action is not taken.

The charity said the "vast majority" of the financial burden is placed on families and carers.

Strokes cost the UK as a whole 25.6bn per year.

The break down of the 1bn annual cost of stroke to Wales is:

'Not acceptable'

Ross Evans, interim-director for the Stroke Association in Wales, said: "With the number of people living with stroke set to soar, and the cost of the condition spiralling, we need radical changes to the way stroke is treated and managed in Wales.

"The majority of the vast financial burden caused by stroke is shouldered by thousands of families and carers, who give up everything, including their jobs, to look after loved ones whose lives are turned upside down in an instant.


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