Surrogate mother of 'twins' finds one is hers

From BBC - November 3, 2017

A surrogate mother from California, who gave birth to two babies, found out one of the children was biologically hers.

Jessica Allen became pregnant with her own biological child while she was carrying another baby as a surrogate for a Chinese couple.

Mrs Allen said doctors first thought the second was an identical twin.

As a result, both babies were given to the other woman after delivery and the Allens had to fight to get back their biological son.

'Not explained'

Mrs Allen had already given birth to two healthy children, but had decided to become a surrogate mother.

She told Newsday on the BBC World Service she had ovulated despite being pregnant.

"I was pregnant through IVF already and at about six, seven weeks they found another embryo and they labelled it that the one embryo that they transferred split and turned into twins.

"My body naturally still ovulated while I was already pregnant - that's very rare - no one really knows about it but obviously, with my situation, more people are learning about it.

"It's called superfetation - it has a medical term to it, so why this process is not explained to surrogates, I do not know. They do not give this as a possibility."

'We definitely want our son'

Mrs Allen said she did not see the babies when they were born last December, but the other mother then texted her pictures of the babies when they were a few weeks old.

The intended mother also said she was waiting for Mrs Allen to feel well before revealing that she had doubts about the origin of one of the babies.

"I immediately freaked out and I asked my case worker, 'what's going on, how can this be, what's happened, how did this happen?' and she did not have any answers for me," Mrs Allen told Newsday.

"So she [the case worker] said the next thing we need to do is to get me to have a DNA test."

Not on the birth certificate


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