Scotland offers free abortions to women from Northern Ireland

From BBC - November 5, 2017

Women from Northern Ireland can now have free abortions through the NHS in Scotland.

Abortions are illegal in Northern Ireland except for cases where the woman's health is at risk.

That has led to women travelling to Great Britain, where they have had to pay for terminations.

New regulations allowing women from Northern Ireland to access abortion services in Scotland come into force on Monday.

Public health minister Aileen Campbell said the Scottish government also wanted to address the "barriers" women face when travelling to Scotland for an abortion.

She said: "Abortion can be an emotive subject - however, I am proud this government is working hard to ensure women are always able to access clinically safe services.

"That's why we have taken action to ensure that women from Northern Ireland can freely access abortion services through NHS Scotland.

"I also recognise the barriers that women from Northern Ireland face when they have to travel to access abortion services which is why we are exploring what more we can do to address them."

'Public outcry'

When First Minister Nicola Sturgeon first announced she was considering the proposal last year, she was strongly criticised by anti-abortion campaigners.

Risk to health


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