'Human error' blamed for ambulance delay in Norfolk

From BBC - November 6, 2017

A woman was found dead by paramedics who arrived two hours after she rang for an ambulance, an inquest heard.

Jeanette Charity, 47, of Gorleston, Norfolk, told the 999 call handler she had abdominal pains and was having breathing difficulties.

Norfolk Coroner's Court heard the handler wrongly assessed her level of need as non-urgent and failed to send an ambulance to her immediately.

The coroner concluded Mrs Charity died of natural causes despite the delay.

Depression and anxiety

The inquest heard Mrs Charity had a history of complex medical problems.

She lived with her sister, Andrea Arger, who said she was dependant on alcohol, had asthma, and took prescribed and non-prescribed drugs for pain caused by severe osteoarthritis and spondylitis of the spine.

Mrs Charity was described in court as obese, suffered from depression and anxiety and had once been sectioned by the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust.

Mrs Arger also said her sister had often dialled 999 thinking she required an ambulance.


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