Major trauma care gap means patients die 'unnecessarily'

Major trauma care gap means patients die 'unnecessarily'
From BBC - November 12, 2017

Up to five seriously injured patients in south Wales die unnecessarily each month because the region is not part of a major trauma network, an expert in emergency care has said.

Prof David Lockey said a lack of specialist treatment meant lives were "being lost all the time".

Plans to establish a major trauma network for the region have been put to public consultation.

South Wales is the only region in England and Wales not in a network.

Both Swansea's Morriston Hospital and Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales had bid to become Wales' first major trauma centre (MTC).

In June, a panel of independent experts concluded Cardiff was the preferred option as it is Wales' only specialist neurosurgery hospital and home of Noah's Ark Children's Hospital of Wales.

The panel recommended Morriston Hospital should be a major trauma unit as part of the wider network.

Experts from Morriston Hospital had argued it was better located to become an MTC - with a greater proportion of the south Wales population living within an hour's travelling time.

Morriston also has a well-established burns and plastics surgery unit - which serves Wales and south west England.

What is a Major Trauma Centre?

Patients in north Wales, and much of mid Wales are already part of the West Midlands major trauma network - since 2012 people from these areas with life-threatening injuries have been routinely transferred to the MTC at the Royal Stoke Hospital.


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