'Serious concerns' voiced over stillbirth documentary filming

From BBC - November 29, 2017

A charity says it has "serious concerns" about a hospital which has allowed women to be unwittingly filmed at critical points in their pregnancy.

Cameras and a written notice have been put up at the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge for a Channel 4 stillbirth documentary.

One mother who was filmed said she thought the idea of installing cameras was "morally wrong".

Production company True Vision said no footage would be viewed or downloaded without the patient's permission.

The cameras, which film 24 hours a day, are in a section of the maternity unit mothers are taken to if they have serious problems after their first trimester.

The devices have been in position for three months.

'Reasonable expectation'

Healthcare professionals do not tell patients the cameras are there but notices in the room do warn that filming is taking place.

If there is a stillbirth at a later date, a member of staff asks if the woman would give her consent to talk to the film crew and give permission for the footage to be shown.


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