DVLA addresses letter to 'multiple sclerosis Caron'

From BBC - December 4, 2017

A woman applying for her driving licence received a letter from the DVLA addressed to "multiple sclerosis Caron Garrod".

Ms Garrod from Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, had told agency staff about her medical condition when reporting that she had not received mail from them.

She said of the blunder: "I will tell anyone who asks about my condition but this is just so offensive."

The agency has apologised and promised an urgent investigation.

The DVLA letter from its Drivers Medical Group on 24 November was sent in response to a telephone call Ms Garrod had made to the agency a week before.

She said she had "many feelings about the letter... first anger, then I was horrified when I realised it had gone all the way through the postal system".

She said she was shocked the agency could be so "insensitive and negligent" to allow it to happen.


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