Care sector: 'Short of nurses and other key staff'

From BBC - February 7, 2018

Low rates of pay and workload pressures mean care services can no longer fill key posts in England, a watchdog says.

The National Audit Office said a lack of planning and funding had undermined the workforce of 1.34 million carers, nurses, therapists and managers.

The sector was particularly struggling to recruit nurses and senior staff to run services, causing the elderly and disabled to go without care, it said.

The warning comes as ministers draw up plans to overhaul the sector.

The government has promised a Green Paper with proposals to change the way care services work will be published by the summer.

This will cover care homes and support in the home for tasks such as washing and dressing paid for both by councils and privately by individuals.

The NAO said changes were desperately needed, as there was no guarantee the extra 2bn being invested in the sector over the next three years would have any significant impact.

'You have to be on the ball all the time'

Tammy Ardron works as a nurse in a nursing home in South Yorkshire.

She says she is not surprised nurses turn their backs on the sector because it is an incredibly demanding job.

She says she works 12-hour shifts and has to care for 30 different people at a time, many with complex conditions and challenging behaviour.

"It is busy. You have got to be on the ball all the time.


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