Over-training osteoporosis

Over-training osteoporosis
From BBC - February 5, 2018

A 20-year-old runner has revealed how training too hard left her with bones so weak she could break one just by sitting down too hard.

When Bobby Clay was 15 she was representing Great Britain at international events.

But training too much and not eating enough meant she never started her periods - and this led to osteoporosis.

Now, after two years of bone breaks caused by the condition, she's back running.

"I knew I'd be back but I did not know how long it was gonna be.

"I am so happy to be on a bike. Just so I can put myself in a hole and make myself suffer during training sessions because that's just part of me."

The Bugzy Malone fan, whose favourite song to train to is Make or Break by the Manchester grime star, understands the journey back to competitive running is going to be slow and hard.

"I am trying my best to be patient and that's trying my patience being patient - but I 100% believe I can."

The middle-distance runner blames herself for her osteoporosis diagnosis.

She was too embarrassed to tell people about her lack of periods.

But because she never gained enough weight to start them - it meant Bobby's bones did not develop properly.


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