Emergency worker attacks law to be voted on by AMs

Emergency worker attacks law to be voted on by AMs
From BBC - February 27, 2018

A police officer who was surrounded by a gang and beaten unconscious has said he would welcome changes to the law to give emergency workers more protection.

James Dowler was a uniform officer for South Wales Police when he tried to stop a suspicious driver.

He had his eyes gouged by a female passenger, before being punched in the face. Three of the car occupants were later jailed for the attack.

AMs will vote later on whether a new law for 999 staff will apply in Wales.

Labour MP Chris Bryant wants to double the maximum sentence for common assault of an emergency worker to a year.

The Rhondda MP said there were 20 such assaults in Wales a day.

AMs will vote later on whether the proposed new law aimed at cracking down on attacks on emergency workers should apply in Wales. The Welsh Government has backed the legislation.

Det Sgt Dowler said any additional protection for 999 staff had to be welcomed, as he described the attack on him.

He had stopped late at night after spotting a parked car with smoke coming from the wheels.

But as he approached the vehicle, the driver ran off, and the officer gave chase - ending up on the floor with the man.

"Whilst I was holding onto the driver on the floor one of the female occupants of the car jumped on my back and started gouging my eye," he told BBC Radio Wales.

"I realised at that point I was in serious trouble with a large number of people around me and I was by myself."

He managed to activate his emergency radio alarm but then the assailants threw his radio away.

"I felt completely vulnerable, and completely alone at that point."


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