Women regret casual sex less if they take the initiative

From BBC - March 9, 2018

Young women regret casual sex less if they take the initiative and the sex was good, according to a new study.

Previous research has found that in general women regret one-night stands more than men.

But researchers interviewed 547 Norwegian and 216 American university students, all of them heterosexual.

The answers suggested that the "clearest gender-differentiating factor" for regret after casual sex is who made the first move.

They also found that women feel less regret if the "partner was skilled and they felt sexually satisfied".

All the participants in the the study undertaken by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the University of Texas were aged under 30 years.

Previous research has found that men in general regret casual sex much less than women and the researchers found this was not affected by whether the men took the initiative.

"Women who initiate sex are likely to have at least two distinguishing qualities," says Prof David Buss from the University of Texas.

"First, they are likely to have a healthy sexual psychology, being maximally comfortable with their own sexuality.

"Second, women who initiate have maximum choice of precisely who they want to have sex with. Consequently, they have less reason to feel regret, since they have made their own choice," he adds.

The results are "another reminder of the importance of women's ability to make autonomous decisions regarding their sexual behaviours," says Joy P. Wyckoff from the University of Texas.

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