Weekend Recipe: Almond-Crusted Chicken Schnitzel

From TIME - March 8, 2018

When I was young, mum used to make the most delicious chicken schnitzel that would be devoured as soon as my sister and I arrived home from school. Mum would lightly coat thin pieces of chicken with a little seasoned flour, then dip them into lightly beaten eggs, followed by a final coating in breadcrumbs. Then she would cook the schnitzel with generous amounts of butter and a little olive oil until crisp, and serve with a generous helping of green beans or coleslaw.

Ive modified mums recipe and given it a Healthy Chef makeover. My chicken schnitzel is gluten free, paleo, high in protein and takes just minutes to create. Its a simple 15-minute meal that marries perfectly with a side of steamed green beans, dressed with a little lemon or coleslaw with apple cider vinegar dressing. This recipe is from my cookbook Purely Delicious.




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