Girls' guide to what a 'normal' vulva looks like

From BBC - March 12, 2018

Teenage girls are being directed to a new online reference tool that helps them check if their vulva looks normal.

Available on the sexual health charity Brook website, the resource gives visual examples and advice on how female genitals change in puberty.

The health experts who designed it say they hope it will give body confidence and discourage girls from wanting "designer vagina" cosmetic surgery.

These operations should not be performed on girls under the age of 18.

Why I wanted vagina surgery as a teenager

Most cosmetic vulval surgery - labiaplasty to reshape or shorten the vaginal lips or labia - is performed by private medical practitioners and can cost thousands of pounds.

Occasionally, an operation may be carried out on the NHS if the vaginal lips are abnormal or are causing the woman distress or harming her health.

GPs are not meant to refer girls for surgery for cosmetic reasons alone.

Designer vagina - what can go wrong


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