Rise in cancers 'caused by weight'

From BBC - March 22, 2018

Being overweight or obese is a growing cause of cancer in the UK while cases caused by smoking are falling, according to a large study.

Cancer Research UK found more than a third of all cases of cancer were avoidable - some 135,000.

The charity also found that excess weight now caused 6.3% of all cancer cases - up from 5.5% in 2011 - while smoking as a cause had declined.

It said more action was needed to tackle the "health threat" of obesity.

Cancer Research UK found the country with the greatest proportion of preventable causes of cancer was Scotland with 41.5%, followed by Northern Ireland on 38%, Wales on 37.8%, and England on 37.3%.

Across the UK, smoking remained by far the leading cause of preventable cancer, although it dropped from 19.4% in 2011 to 15.1%.

Second was being overweight or obese, and third was exposure to the Sun and sunbeds.

'I felt responsible'

Janet Boak, from Carlisle, was diagnosed with womb cancer at 51, after she noticed spots of blood four years after her menopause.

She had a full hysterectomy, which successfully removed the cancer.

It was during a subsequent check-up that she was told being obese had contributed to her risk of getting cancer. At the time, she was nearly 20 stone.

"I felt like I was responsible for my own downfall," Janet, 55, said.

"It stuck in my gut a bit, thinking I could maybe not have been in this position had I sorted my lifestyle out."

Janet, a grandmother, has since lost nearly seven stone after she cut down on sugar, started cooking healthier meals from fresh ingredients and became more active.

The preventable causes of cancer


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