Women in NHS paid 23% less than men

From BBC - April 5, 2018

Female NHS staff in England earn nearly a quarter less than their male colleagues, figures show.

The data covers more than one million workers in England from doctors and managers to nurses and cleaners.

It showed that the average full-time female worker is paid 28,702 a year in basic salary. That compares to the 37,470 average pay for men - a gap of more than 23%.

The total excludes bonuses and overtime that are paid on top of basic pay.

Last month the BBC revealed 6.5 times as many male consultants as female received the top platinum bonus worth 77,000 a year.

The data, compiled by NHS Digital for the government using mean rather than median averages, also provided a breakdown for doctors of all grades.

It found a gender pay gap of 15% with male doctors paid 67,788 in basic pay, compared to the 57,569 female doctors receive.

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